ZaNa Design Uses Best and Rare Material to Create Exclusive Flash Drive Apophis

Technology Based gadgets are mass produced so that they can be sold cheap and become accessible to everyone. But there are discerning clients who want exclusivity in their everyday use gadgets as well. ZaNa Design has created some exclusive and flashy USB flash drives. The Poland based design firm had first created wooden USB flash drives and their latest creation is the Apophis Flash Drive which has been intricately hand crafted. The usp or the differentiator of the new design is the use of certified meteorite that makes the flash drive rather unique and a one of a kind product.

Apophis is the Asteroid Headed to Collide With Earth in 2036

ZaNa Design is known for making USB flash drives that are individualistic both in terms of design, technology and material. They have a client base which is most demanding but very affluent and willing to pay for luxurious alternatives to mass produced gadgets. The name of the new design is also remarkable. It has been named after a near-Earth 390-meter wide asteroid discovered back in 2004. As per the calculations and projections of the course of the asteroid it could collide with Earth in the year 2036. The materials used to make the Apophis Flash Drive are all very rare exclusive and luxurious. It boasts of a high purity diamond and its body is crafted out of 200 year old African Black Wood which is considered the best and the most luxurious wood in the world.

Silver And a Gold Version of Flash Drive Apophis

The design firm has also created more exclusive versions of the Apophis Flash Drive. There is a silver and a golden version which is fully covered with silver and 18 carat gold. The flash drive is not only unique in terms of craftsmanship but boasts of the best technology. The USB 3.0 has 64GB capacity and a reading speed of 190 MB. It has the highest class of electronics and that’s what has encouraged the producers to provide a lifetime guarantee. All this comes at a price, the silver version of the Apophis is priced at $1,130 and the golden flash drive carries a price tag of $1,990.

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