Write Down A Tribute To Mille Migilia

One of the world’s most prestigious car race event, Mille Migilia has now partnered with Cuervo Y Sobrinos, to create a collection of unique writing instruments. Cuervo Y Sobrinos imparts distinct styling to its pens, such that they are not called simple pens but writing instruments. Also its relationship with vintage cars is quite well known, and the Mille Migilia offers a perfect occasion for a perfect tribute. Thus both pioneers in tandem have created an exclusive collection-“A Thousand Miles”, composed of a fountain and a roller pen.

These writing instruments have been designed thoughtfully keeping in mind the elegance of classic cars. The designer pens are hand made with a Mille Migilia logo in the centre and a design similar to the typical formula 1 cars in pre war era. The two pens are meticulously crafted with three layers of resin to eliminate not just transparency but make them more resistant. The brand Cuervo Y Sobrinos is engraved on the cap and even the clip seems like an intricate work of art.

Extreme attention has been paid not just to the design, but brand name as well. The collection is named, “A Thousand Miles” which is actually equal to the 1609 kilometres of a historic racetrack. Not only that but these exclusive writing instruments are produced in a limited series of 1609 pieces. In all, this collection pays a perfect compliment to the classic driving event by combining the aesthetic values of Cuervo Y Sobrinos with an impeccable design, sporty look and the best of materials.

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