World War II Patrol Torpedo Boat for $1,000,000

If you are interested in war related things and stories, World War II Patrol Torpedo Boat will be a piece of history. If you are a worthy collector, buy the historical boat with its war time service and history. PT-728 Patrol Torpedo Boat is expensive for a boat and she has been built at the end of world war second she is in her good shape.

The historic PT-728 boat has been preserved since world war second which was constructed on 10th August 1945, almost sixty seven year old. It was built with seventy two inch vosper design in Annapolis Yacht Yard. The passengers are being carried by the boat with a license from the coast guard of the U.S. This is one of the twelve boats remaining in the world. The boat is in functional mode with modern gadgets. She is equipped with weapons like double fifty and fifty calibre browning machine guns which are made inactive, 20mm oerlikon cannon, two depth charge launchers and four tubes housed in a Mark 8 torpedo.

It can move at forty two knots with the power oftwo Turbo charged diesel engines to produce one thousand and hundred horse powers. These were used to attach longer ships during world war second for its high speed of about forty seven miles per hour or forty two knots. The vessel with its mahogany hull will work energetically as it was used to do while attacking enemy ships. It is updated with powerful radars and on board electronics. This has been converted with some modifications to suit the present day purpose. It is priced at $1,000,000.

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