William Grant & Sons’ Glenfiddich and Gebr Heinemann Celebrate Hamburg Airport's 100th Anniversary

Hamburg is one of the most historical places in Germany, and its airport too has historical significance. Hamburg’s airport recently celebrated its 100th birth anniversary, and in order to celebrate that Gebr Heinemann has partnered with William Grant & Sons’ Glenfiddich. Heinemann Duty Free stores will now offer 100 bottles available of Glenfiddich 1982. This is a Glenfiddich Rare Collection Whisky and is in limited edition. 100 years, Hamburg’s airport had only a few passengers and now, it handles millions of passengers.

This is so apt as it is just like wine getting better with age. There couldn’t have been a better way to celebrate the wonde5rful anniversary of Hamburg’s 100th birth anniversary. If you can get yourself one of the whisky bottles, you sure would be really lucky. Hamburg today is a place filled with monuments and architectural wonders. It is also a place that was devastated during the world war. all this adds up to the city’s charm and this airport has witnessed it all.

You would just need to go and experience Hamburg on your own, and I am sure you will love every bit of it. The whisky in question too, tastes very good and could be a great way to show your love and respect to one of the most resilient cities in the world. You could also read about amazing whiskey too. Whiskey will take you to soaring new heights that would leave you happy and high. So go ahead, and have all the fun you can still have!

Via: Moodie Report

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