Want Me Get Me, a New Luxury Hotel Booking Site Launched

In the service industry any new product or business is launched with an array of promises and Want Me Get Me, a new hotel booking site is no exception. The site launched recently has positioned itself in direct competition with sites like SniqueAway and Jetsetter.com and promises to deliver more for your luxury travel dollar. It has adopted the members only model however the membership is free. According to the promotional content on the site they will provide their members exclusive access to perks and amenities that are reserved for celebrities and rock stars at some of the best hotels around the world.

Guests Get Placed on Hotel GM’s VIP List

Melanie Brandman who owns a public relations firm has founded the new business venture. She has managed to rope in experienced hands from the industry on the advisory board including Kellie Pelletier, former director of communications at Jetsetter.com, Roberta Seiler, former director of partnership development at Jetsetter.com, and Brad Wilson, president of Ace Hotel. The site has started with a portfolio of select luxury and boutique hotels including some that Melanie’s PR firm represents. The perks the guests who pay standard room rates can look forward to include room upgrades, free Wi-Fi, free valet parking and maybe champagne on arrival. The guests who do bookings through Want Me Get Me will automatically get placed on the hotel GM’s VIP list. The GM has the discretion to scale up the perks to very lavish levels.

Want Me Get Me to Deliver on Promises to Succeed

The properties in the startup’s portfolio are mostly located in the New York, LA, Miami and San Francisco Bay areas and include powerhouses like Peninsula, Raffles, Orient-Express, Oberoi, and Trump, to the Thompson, Ace Hotel and Standard Hotels. You may register directly on their site or via Facebook Connect which will send your profile photo to the GM’s VIP list to facilitate instant recognition. The startup is sure to take some time to settle down. Many of the additional amenities promised would be provided upon availability. Chances are that you might have to be satisfied with free Wi-Fi only. But if the site has to succeed as a business venture it has to deliver on all its promises.

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