Virtual Real Estate is Getting Real Expensive and Creating New Records

The term virtual reality has taken on a new real meaning as more and more transactions are taking place in the virtual world for real cash. It is following the pattern of the real estate markets where records in terms of prices are made and broken on a regular basis. The latest virtual real estate mega deal was signed when $6 million was paid to purchase Planet Calypso, a fictional place on a social gaming site. The uninitiated must find this absurd but this trend is rising and players in the field consider it a sound investment. In case you change your mind, have a look at some of the most expensive virtual real estate.


Swedish software company MindArk has created a multiplayer virtual universe called Entropia Universe. One of the planets in this universe is called Calypso which has two continents Eudoria and Amethera. SEE Virtual Worlds bought this virtual planet with an area of 2,900 square kilometer for $6 million of real money. This imaginary universe has had some more high profile transactions. Club NEVERDIE an on this universe was bought by a player in 2005 and was sold to MMO player John Foma Kalum recently for $335,000. He received another $300,000 for 12 more domes he had apart from the resort.

The Entropia Universe has two space stations. One of them, the Crystal Palace Space Station was officially listed on public auction in December 2009. It was ultimately bought by Buzz Erik Lightyear from Canada for $330,000. As mentioned earlier the Asteroid Space Resort was bought by Jon Neverdie Jacobs for $100,000 in 2005 which was a record then for a virtual property. He renamed the resort Club Neverdie and it proved to be a good investment as he sold the entire package later for $635,000. This trend was started way back in 2004 when a player with an avatar name Zachurm “Deathifier” Emegen invested $26,500 to buy the Treasure Island from the Entropia Universe. It is again supposed to be a lage tract of land on the fictional planet Calypso. The buyers real name was David Storey who was a 27 year old student from Sydney, Australia. In just five years the trend has turned into a big and serious business with significant investments involved.

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