Vintage Hermes Wallet Made of Alligator Skin Costs $2,000

This vintage Hermes wallet has to attract the attention of every man worth his piece of manhood. Branded leather wallets always make a fashion statement and never go out of style. An exotic-skinned accessory gives an air of luxury which also draws the attention of others. The wallet of alligator skin looks more attractive with its designs, colors, and suppleness, the slots, compartments, and hidden spaces. Men are not really crazy about their wallets to match outfits like women. Most of the time the wallet is being hidden in their pockets. Still they are choosy about bifold or trifold wallet, durable resistant to heat or cold, convenient to hide, wet proof in monsoon and so on.

The wallet’s functionality is unique, containing your entire personal stuff. As men are quality conscious they do not mind spending exorbitantly. This nature is exploited by the market and manufacturers in developing luxury accessories like wallets.. The wallets will have costly price tags with the justification of brands and practicality, which usually come from Italy and France.

The fashionable leather wallets look great, classy and are timeless. The wallets go naturally with the fashion, and complete men’s overall personality. So go ahead! Don’t waste time! Buy the soft, flexible, leather in black alligator, custom made, Hermes wallet, and unused, measuring 18.5cm x 10cm. The item will be shipped in orange color Hermes box. It is priced at $2,000.00

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