Vilner and Concept One Announce Hi-fi Sound System

Leather specialists Vilner from Bulgaria who built the most expensive supercars’ interiors have gone one step ahead to develop a home audio system with the collaboration of Concept One carmaker Rimac, who had introduced their supercar at the Frankfurt Auto Show.  The partnership results in the creation of hi-fi sound system for your living room, which is the inspiration of Croatian luxury car Concept One.

The latest design comes with two Aero Horns made of fine birch plywood. The limited edition audio system is a combination of quality, conception of super vehicle and design is unique and original. The detailing would be customized depending on the interiors with a range of quality materials including metal trim in brass, aluminum, or even precious metals, carbon fiber, Corian, composite stone, polished covers, wood veneers and exotic leather. The Vilner Studio once again develops upgraded design with amplifiers and speakers guaranteeing musical match with surprising theme in Eastern Europe. They are limited to ten systems, if you are interested you can discuss materials and color schemes best suited to your crib.

Designers at Vilner studio will fine tune to give a lifetime’s experience. According to the statement of designers, special attention has been given to the craftsmanship which shapes into massive horns that are different from commonly used devices. They are the product of thorough calculations through an electric resistance and acoustic harmony with environment and air. The system gives the sound waves with speed, detail, refinement at low frequencies. It is constructed with a monoblock and three stage scheme as well as silver wires which are used in the circuitry. It is priced at EUR 50,000.



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