Vespas Back in Vogue, Thanks to Digital Veneer

Vespa  has always caught everybody’s fancy and to augment its charm Digital Veneer has incorporated the classy look of Italian speedboats from the 1960s into its  new limited edition LX50 and LX150 “Tribute” Vespas. These limited edition Vespas are nothing like the vanilla scooters that swoosh in front of you without leaving an impression. Digital Veneer has been banking on the charm of old school Vespa for quite sometime now, last year it had launched GTV “Tribute” Vespa and this year it is back with these exquisite scooters with a vintage look.

Digital Veneer in Auckland, is known for its capability to replicate the texture and look of synthetic and natural materials. It employs a technology which imparts high-end finish to structural materials like plastics, foam, or composites, thereby making them equivalent to the material that you  want to replicate. These finished structures act as great substitutes and great visual treats. You can impart classy wooden look to your plastic furniture with this technology, and it will look only better and will be a fraction of the weight of the real deal. The classic wooden finish on these Vespas has been imparted by the same technology which in turn has made it lighter than the other run-of-the-mill scooters, it weighs only 96 kg.

The hand stitched leather seat and a dash of aquamarine colored strips contrast the deep and dark Mahogany wooden finish,  each scooter bears a numbered limited edition plate. These limited edition scooters are hand crafted by skillful craftsmen and the craftsmen also entertain requests to personalize these Vespas. It has a fuel capacity of 8.5 litres and a single cylinder 49 cc engine which makes it all the more vintage. If you have been yearning to buy an Italian speedboat, you could invest in these Vespas and get the same feel.

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