Vado Unveils Chic Sculpture Shower Head

The designer sculpture shower head is a latest trendy interior design. The design can be personalized with functionality and quality. The sculpture allows the client to twist and bend into any form or shape or position. For Vado design team, innovation is the predominant feature which offers ultimate experience of shower. UK-based the leading brass ware manufacture introduces stylish Sculpture with chic and artistic look. Sculpture by VADO is a unique shower head with flexible tentacles which could be manipulated and customized our experience of shower to enjoy fun.

Vado appears to be inspired by the squid and has brought the rare creature that dwells in the deep sea to your shower. Some people may recall Giant octopus with huge tentacles of sci-fi movies or some scenes from Matrix, every time you step inside the bathroom or some may get nightmares at the sight of terrorizing tentacles. The endlessly adjustable Vado showerhead called sculpture with six tentacles which could be aimed at anywhere you like with its great flexibility. This sophisticated showerhead might resemble an object from some sci-fi movie; but the Sculpture from Vado would glue any great admirer of sci-fi movie in the shower.

The Scu-head is advertised as an adjustable shower head. So it could be mounted either on the ceiling or on wall. Most of them prefer to wall, since you could reach most crevices very easily to remove the soap. It needs at 1.0 bar of water pressure. It is priced at £795.99.  For full range of products, you could visit their website.


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