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Turkish Pesthemal Towels Recreate the Magic of Exotic Hamams

Traditional towels of Turkish baths known as hamam, are famous for their absorbing nature, for being lightweight, and  and their softness make your bath refreshing. Pesthemal is a handcrafted ethnic textile from different parts of Turkey handcrafted by skilled and experienced villagers. They are produced in traditional methods woven in hand looms with use of eco friendly dye of vegan origin. The dyes are resistant to fading or running.

There are many varieties of colours and styles in peshtamals depending on the region in Turkey. These hundred percent cotton towels are large, thin, highly absorbent and have fringes at ends. Bamboo and cotton are the raw materials that are used in the peshtemal fabric manufactured in hand-woven looms in Turkey.

These towels are popular companion in spas, pools, and beach as well as in sport, catering, toilet, and educational facilities. It is a boon for baby caring purpose with its fast drying up , and water absorption. It consumes less space and is easy to carry.  You could also use them while you are in your gym, or while backpacking, travelling, boating, and camping etc.

You must wash them before use. Due to its small size you can carry a pestemal anywhere. The more you wash them, the softer they become.  Go ahead! Enjoy the bath towel as a wrap after your shower or massage cover up. The set of 4 towels costs $100.00. Of course, these towels are not really ultra-expensive, but when you start using products that give you comfort, you would be more amenable for luxury in a larger spectrum.

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