Tumi Showcases Interesting Products Made From Ballistic Nylon

Tumi manufactures one of the most rough and tough travel bags in the business. After all they use military grade ballistic nylon. The New jersey based brand has been manufacturing those for the past 30 years and is now looking to add more artistic inspiration to the tough material. Five artists that include fashion designer Barney Cheng, graphic and product designer Millicent Lai, celebrity photographer Sean Lee Davis, creative agency &Larry and 3D artist Ben Quek were called on to create anything of their choice using this material as part of the ‘Makes life Beautiful’ campaign. The results ranged from gowns to candle holders.

In the second part of the Tumi campaign, 13 Asian artists were invited to transform their Alpha Lightweight Case into art or functional objects. Denise Ho of A for Apple, a clothing line for children converted the bag into steamer to display her latest collection. Singapore based furniture and lifestyle store, Fred lives Here transformed the travel bag into a rocking chair, while the Hong Kong based ad agency, M+L  created a metaphorical flying kite installation from the case. The 18 pieces will be showcased at various locations in Asia including Japan, Singapore and Taiwan after its first stint at Hong Kong.



tumi-makes-life-beautiful-campaign denise ho

tumi-makes-life-beautiful-campaign-Fred lives here

Another interesting endeavor by Tumi was their Tumi Tag limited edition collection. It was one of the funkiest set of travel bags I have ever seen. It was designed by artist John “Crash” Matos, who was inspired by graffiti art. Tumi has has had some great collaborations as well, one of which was with Ducati. This Tumi and Ducati union resulted in an exclusive travel collection for the sports bike manufacturer. The collection brought forth the excellent craftsmanship that Tumi is famous for. You can check out the Tumi website for their latest luggage, briefcases and handbags. For those of you who don’t know, Tumi was founded by a man named Charlie Clifford after his stint in the Peace Corps in Peru. The name Tumi is derived from the Peruvian ceremonial knife.

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