The Next Big Investment: Vintage Pens

Several decades ago when I was in school, kids used to collect pens and try different ones every other day. The pens were usually fountain pens, or felt ones that leaked ink horrendously and turned your fingers azure.

However, the idea of collecting pens seem to be still in vo9gue even after all these decades and Luxist has yet another interesting article about how you might begin collecting these writing instruments. We might be inclined to think that in these days of keyboards and typing, one hardly requires a pen. However, in a couple of decades, pens would certainly be antiques themselves and would become really expensive.

Thus, if you have a good collection of exotic pens, you could go ahead and make your millions after a couple of years by selling them at an auction at Sotheby’s or at Christie’s. You could try lesser known brands such as Wirt, Aikin Lambert, John Holland and others. The idea that pens could soon become antiques is quite a nice thought, for apart from collecting them most kids always hated using them anyway.

Try site 1 and site 2 as well.

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