The Most Expensive Canine Brood is Worth $16 Million

A Chinese Coal baron had bought the World’s Most Expensive dog earlier this year for an astounding £1 million which is close to $1.622 million. What would you call the guy who has a brood of seven dogs from the same breed? He is one Mr. Kenneth K H Lai. He owns seven Tibetan Mastiff pups and how much do you think is the value of the precious and rare brood; a whooping $16 million. There have been instances of rich folks who love their pets and splurge astronomical sums on them and even take them to dog friendly hotels, but Mr. Lai takes the cake.

Mr. Lai is an entrepreneur and animal lover and is justifiably proud of his brood. He is known as the owner of the world’s largest collection of rare breed dogs. He believes that owning these loving canines beats the ownership of any other luxury item any day. The kind of bonding and attachment you develop with your pets is very superior and different from the passion you might have for a precious artifact. Mr. Lai very well understands the value of his brood and takes great care to keep them safe and secure.

He has built a 5,300 square meter mansion separately for them. Each precious pup has a room to himself. The mansion for pups has a controlled climate 24×7 as the dogs are very sensitive to natural conditions and its fluctuations. The cost of maintaining the dogs in their luxurious mansion works out to roughly $16,600 per month. A vet lives in the mansion at all times to attend to the brood’s needs. The exclusive breed has become rarer after the earth quake in Tibet in 2010 which reduced their numbers drastically as many of them perished in the natural disaster. The dogs also have historical connection to Royals like Queen Elizabeth and Genghis Khan of Mongolia.

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