The Journey of a Man’s Wardrobe: A Louis Vuitton Initiative

If you are as crazy about haute-couture as I am, you would know that travelling is a necessity for us, not a luxury. However, since we spend a whole lot of money on travelling, we also make sure that we travel using the best possible luggage and suitcases. Thus, Louis Vuitton has been our traditional choice.

Now, Louis Vuitton is offering cyber tourism to 5 of the cities where they have showrooms, and that way you could see the workshops, the museums, and even the collections. The trip starts in Paris, goes to Shanghai and then to Tokyo, and finally to New York and London. What goes around comes around and that phrase is especially true in the world of fashion.

The website mini-trip called “The Journey of a Man’s Wardrobe” by photographer Todd Selby is a sure winner for the website is not only interactive, but also graphics rich and guys who are into fashion would sure love to check out what Louis Vuitton has go to offer.

It would help you to learn all the different kinds of fashion that are offered in different cities where Louis Vuitton has its flagship stores. I would say, you really must visit the site and learn more about traditional fashion for men.

Via: Jaunted

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