The Growing Number of Rich in India are Looking for the Best of Spirits and Wine

A research done by London-based International Wine & Spirit Research marketing group shows that India is one of the fastest growing markets for spirits. Whisky has traditionally held the largest share of the market but white spirits like vodka and gin are growing faster than others and liqueurs has created a space for itself. It is the upper class, which is growing at a fast pace, wants high end liquors and fine wines. The old habit of drinking anything that was served is over.

With increased travels abroad for business and leisure the exposure and awareness about “the good life” has increased. They are now thirsty for new experiences and want to know more about a good living and entertain better. The number of millionaires in India is increasing at a fast pace. According to a Merrill Lynch study the number was 126,000 in 2009 and growing rapidly. It is these people who are driving the demand for luxury products and services in India. The spirit and wine making companies have taken notice.

Tulleeho Beverage Innovations holds cocktail seminars sponsored by different companies. The latest event was sponsored by the maker of the French liqueur Cointreau. India has been the largest producer of alcohol in Asia but the markets were dominated by low quality spirits. Now the traditional brands Old Monk rum and Bagpiper whisky are competing with the international brands like Johnny Walker and Macallan. The Indian distillers have also upped their game and Amrut Single Malt from India was listed third on the list of top whisky by the industry standard “Whisky Bible”.

Via: msnbc.msn

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