Swarovski Studded Version of My Carry Potty Available for £700

We have heard instances of Swarovski studded toilet and a gold plated toilet but a potty for the toilet training of the little ones studded with Swarovski crystals is the first of its kind. The idea I suppose is to get the little one used to exclusive luxury. The danger is that the growing child might refuse to go to the toilet at school. After all, the schools will never invest in embellishing their toilets.

Amanda Jenner had created My Carry Potty which became very popular with parents of infants and babies. It was perfect for training the little ones to attend their nature’s call. The best thing was that they came in bright colors that appealed to the kids and it never cost more than £25 which made it affordable for every parent. But apparently the luxury bug got hold of Amanda Jenner too and as a result she has taken exclusivity to a whole new dimension. She has created an exclusive version of the My Carry Potty which is studded with Swarovski Crystals.

The luxury version of the toilet training kit will come at a price. The parent will end up paying £700 ($1136). Agreed, the parents do indulge in their little ones’ toys, accessories, and clothes but it makes the kids happy and the parents feel it was money well spent. It is difficult to say how impressed the baby will be to find Swarovski crystals on the toilet. Jemal Wright had experimented the first time with a Swarovski studded toilet a few years back that had sold for $75,000. The gold plated toilet was created in Moscow and had cost a whooping €250,000 which is equivalent to $353,975.

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