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Swarovski Crystal Carafine Quintet Is the Perfect Companion of Your Coffee Table

The Carafine Quintet is the kitchen accessory that could bring down your envious friends to their knees. What gives in trying a classy coffee table adornment when your pockets are loaded! The glittering quintet may not be one-of-a-kind accessory, but it surely does leave a significant impression.

This set comprises of five carafe bottles, which are held together in a stainless steel base giving it an appearance of a half cut egg shell, but only in a classy way! Each bottle is made of glass and has a lid on the top of which Swarovski crystals have been sprinkled! The glittering gleam of the top of these bottles is pristine and according to me, that is the Unique Selling Proposition of this quintet.

They have exploited the center of this set by placing an ice holder in it. The ice tub helps in keeping your beverages fresh and cool. This can be taken outdoors, but I am sure when I tell you the price you might want to revisit that idea. Priced at $1,665 this Swarovski Crystal Carafine Quintet can still become an intimate better half of your coffee table!

via: drinkstuff

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