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Sick of Thrift Stores? Try Shopping Online for Vintage Clothing!

There is a strange beauty about vintage clothes that were worn by famous celebrities and the A list of Hollywood. Moreover, several clothes that were designed many decades ago have a sort of surreal beauty that regular clothes won’t have.

Being the elite few that most of us are, we may not like to look around in thrift stores for vintage clothing. In order to save people like us from embarrassment, here is an online cloths store that allows you to purchase clothes that are retro and vintage from the comfort of your house.

The new website CHIC&youshallfind makes online vintage shopping easy and has been founded by former fashion editor and Vogue staffer, Brenna Egan. An interesting feature of the site is the Posh Pawnshop, an e-consignment area where you could sell your own vintage clothing too.

You would be able to send pictures of your ancient gown or some other dress that your Granma picked up and put it up for sale. Once the cloth is sold, you would get the value but a resale fee would be deducted.

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