SG Custom Sound Transforms Speakers into Works of Art

Have you ever thought of a speaker as a work of art? Well the speakers in themselves are not a work of art but if you have the imagination you can reset it to interesting and unusual artifact. SG Custom Sound have created what they call a one of a kind custom speaker sculptures. It is a whole series of speakers in different sizes that might look bizarre to some but beautiful to others.

The opinion of the viewer might differ but the speakers are bound to attract the attention of one and all. SG in the SGCS stands for Scott Gramlich, the man behind the firm. He has been merging ideal acoustics and aesthetics to create uniquely individualized speaker systems for years. Cornucopia was his first speaker casing which is made out of durable papier-mâché. The ideas for speaker casings have grown more quirky over the years.

Scott believes that by making the speakers into a work of art he not only improves the quality of the sound but the whole speaker which you would like to showcase instead of hiding. The prices of his speakers start from $650. A pair of the popular Cornucopia will cost you $1,250.

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