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Sarah Riley is Back, Exclusively Online in her Second Innings

Sarah Riley, in a short span of three seasons had reached the take off stage. She was hailed as a bright and up and coming designer in 2008. She had her own label and eight stockiest in New Zealand. Gail Elliot, the ex super model vouched for her and media channels described her as extraordinary. And yet she had to abort her career and business due to piling bad debts and a serious bout of ill health. It was her choice of companies she worked with that let her down.

Riley was a young fine arts graduate and somewhat naïve in matters of business. She took things at face value and assumed that business happens in a clean and transparent way. She learnt the hard way that a couple of the companies she was working with were corrupt and duped her of her dues. She invested thousands of dollars to make an order and was then left high and dry by a stockiest. It became extremely stressful trying to recover her dues from the market and became one of the reasons falling ill. In one stroke she lost her health, her business and her mentor.

It took her two years to reorganize, recoup and restart designing. She had learnt from her mistakes and she did not want to follow the same business model. Some people in the industry supported her through thick and thin and it was this support that gave her the strength and courage to give it another shot. She is taking no chances this time and has decided to sell exclusively online. She needs to prove to herself and the whole sale business that she has it in her to make success out of this business. She will be doing limited edition designs and have an attractive discount scheme for customers who come back to her again and again.

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