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Sand and Birch Announces the Uber-chic Regency Climatized Wine Cellar

In general if anyone thinks about wine immediately he thinks about its age to determine its quality. So to preserve it for a longer period it has be stored. It has to be stored in a specially designed wine cellar which has temperature control and anti ultra violet rays glass etc. Considering the above aspects, the famous cellar designers Sand and Birch have unveiled the Regency Climatized wine cellar designed exclusively for Cantine Ellemme.

The characteristics of this newly designed cellar is that it holds ninety bottles, has an inbuilt climate control system, an air conditioner, which regulates the temperature precisely to make sure the wine is preserved under required temperature. You could choose between single and double control mechanisms of temperature, and each would have its own benefits.

To reduce the energy consumption Regency has an LED lighting system. Importance is also given to its life and durability by using high quality wood like oak, anti UV glasses and stainless steel. It may be easy to produce wine, to preserve it for a longer period to its aging, highly sophisticated equipment is necessary. So keeping this aspect in mind the designer has developed this unique wine cellar for Cantine Ellemme.

One of the joys of life is to eat and drink good qualit wine and food. In fact, the Italians consider this part of Dolce Vita, or sweet living. If you think you would want to live the good life too, get yourself to spend some money and indulge in luxurious wine and food.


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