San Diego Hosts Luxury Yacht Event From 14-16 April

San Diego is the place to be this April. From 14 to 16 April, the city will be hosting a unique high profile event that should bring in the millionaires. The three-day event is called DELUXE San Diego, something the organizers have tagged as “The Yacht & Lifestyle Event”. Guests to this luxury event will get to see some really high-end superyachts. However, the DELUXE San Diego event is not just about the best yachts in the business. Up on offer will be top-of-the-line luxury cars, private jets, jewelry, watches, spirits, and even luxury vacation deals. If you cannot live without your luxury brands, you cannot afford to miss out on this event.

Among the showstoppers at this luxury event will be motor and saling yachts that measure in at a 100 feet and over.  The other products on offer will be catering to yacht owners and potential yacht buyers. The idea is to provide luxury lifestyle products that would complement the lifestyle of those who own and charter yachts. This is a really exclusive event geared to the wealthiest classes.

Guests and attendees will be able to interact with representatives from high-end luxury brands on a one-on-one basis. Among the sponsors of this year’s DELUXE San Diego show are Fraser Yachts, Paragon Motor Yachts, Rolls-Royce and Hawker Beechcraft among others. On Thursday and Friday, entry to this luxury event is by invite only. On Saturday, tickets will be available at $250. Attend if you can afford the time and money. Yacht events like this one do not come along often.

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