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S.T. Dupont brings the greatest monuments to your fingers

S.T Dupont has brought out some extremely exquisite pieces in the past. And every time it outdoes itself. Their luxury accessories are works of art that amalgamate elegance and beauty. Every single piece becomes a timeless piece of art. They have quite successfully tried to bring the beauty of architectural works into their writing instruments. And they have been quite good at it I must add.

They have transformed the Olympio fountain pen into an iconic monument. They have tried to incorporate many of the historic monuments by bringing out a line, which is based on the theme: world’s greatest monuments. Though the idea sounds very challenging. I mean how can one incorporate a monument into a small pen. But the people at Dupont are masters of their crafts and can achieve even such a difficult feat.

The coming together of craftsmanship, technology and ofcourse some glittering metals has produced a stunner. In the picture you see lovely pen with the Kremlin Palace on top. Safe to say, a Russian would sure like to have one. The body also has some amazing carvings. All in all it looks like something a king would have. Simply fantastic!

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