Rotsen turns Wooden Furniture into Gold

If you think it’s time to redecorate your house then Rotsen is the way to do it. A good piece of furniture not only serves a functional purpose but also a decorative one as well. It imparts uniqueness to your house and also in a way reflects your individual taste and personality. So, this time when you go furniture shopping be very careful and pick a brand that re-defines your style. And Rotsen furniture is one such brand. A U.S. based company, Rotsen excels in creating customized designs that suit your specifications. Their brand of furniture is handcrafted for commercial as well as residential projects. Rotsen’s collection of wood includes coffee tables, desks, consoles and other home furnishings. The Rotsen line of furniture also adorns the lobbies of several super luxury hotels like Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental and Hyatt. Renowned interiors designer firms also bank on Rotsen for their exclusive line of wooden furniture.

So, what’s so special about Rotsen that it has some of the finest hotels and corporate firms across the world chasing it? Unlike regular furniture, Rotsen uses large reclaimed wood slabs to create products. Their designs are so aesthetic that one hardly notices that the material that went behind making a fine piece of wood art was sourced from a decaying bridge, a demolished structure or a slab of wood from a forest or a barn. Glass, metal and plexiglass are additional materials used to design their products.Rotsen passionately endorses environmental sustainability by encouraging the use of renewable sources of energy and recycling used products. The company manufactures its products in Brazil and has over the years generated employment amongst several small time communities in the country.

Well, this is reason enough for you to grab a unique piece of wood from Rotsen. Read on to know which piece of Rotsen furniture will best suit your home.

Gold Leaf Salvaged Coffee Table

Next time when you invite friends over for dinner do not forget to treat them with some hot coffee and show off your new Gold Leaf Salvaged Coffee Table from Rotsen. Hand crafted with Gold Leaf the coffee table is Rotsen’s most finest and exclusive designs so far.

Gold Leaf Gotas Armoire

Gold seems to dominate Rotsen’s latest line of furniture and the Gold Leaf Gotas Armoire is a fine design. Inspired by Brazilian designs, the Armoire has been created using god leaf, rock crystals and Peroba wood. The Gold Leaf Armoire will add that much needed glitter to your otherwise dull rooms.

Canoa Coffee Table

Created from naturally fallen woods of a Vinhatico tree, the Canoa Coffee table is a fine example of Rotsen’s unique craftsmanship. The table is topped with a beautiful glass and the bottom has natural textures that it makes it look like a salvaged part of a tree trunk. A fine piece of art to admire whilst you are relishing your evening cuppa coffee.

A Curvaceous Coffee Table

Made of mango wood the top has irregular shaped edges on top.  However, it’s the table’s metal base with an s-shaped curve that gives this coffee table a very trendy look. It’s just the perfect design and shape if you have a contemporary living room that boasts of  lavish furnishings.

Rotsen furniture will not only enhance your house but will also bring about a distinctive change to your living style. Order your piece of Rotsen today!

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