Rotonde de Cartier Earth Moon Watch Priced at $275,000 is Technically Brilliant

Cartier had been working on a Rotonde de Cartier Earth Moon watch with an unusual moon phase design. The new design is ready and was launched last week by the luxury label. Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon watch was unveiled at 2014 SIHH. It was the perfect platform for the fine watch and successfully showcased the French watchmaker’s skills and craftsmanship. The new design takes Cartier’s watch making capabilities to the next level. The watch is both technically and creatively brilliant. There is nothing subtle about the new design. The connoisseurs of fine watch making are sure to admire and appreciate the latest offering by Cartier as a true technical accomplishment.

The Watch Successfully Combines Three Complications

The Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon watch scores over the other similar watches and is unique in the sense that it successfully combines three complications. It offers a flying tourbillion, double time zone and moon phase on demand. A moving Lapis Lazuli disc forms the artful backdrop that displays the phase of the moon on demand. The phases are indicated in an original manner. There is a disk that represents the moon and it moves under the tourbillion replicating the actual movement of the moon. The exclusive watch is housed in a platinum case with a diameter of 47mm and a thickness of 16.65mm.

Rotonde de Cartier Earth Moon Watch

The Watch has a Platinum Case With Sapphire Crystal Back

The dial of the watch is lapis lazuli and bright blue in color like the sky. The three dimensional white and gold Roman numerals look like embellishment on the dial. There is a map of the earth also in the center of the dial. The tourbillion is placed right at the bottom which gives the design a nice balance. There is a pusher button on the case to activate the moon phase. When you push the button the disc descends over the tourbillion and looks like a proper crescent moon in the sky. The back of the case is made of sapphire crystal that makes the mechanicals visible. The finishing of the semi-skeletonized caliber 9440 M is remarkable and one of the highlights of the fine watch. Rotonde de Cartier Earth Moon watch is a limited edition design and production of only 50 pieces has been planned. The new launch has been priced at 200,000 EUR which is approximately $275,000.

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