Rolex Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Its Deep Sea Watch

Rolex has become synonymous with great watches. That is probably why it doesn’t really advertise itself in Switzerland. But the American markets function a bit differently I guess so we keep seeing its billboards everywhere. But it is rare to see the watch makers hosting events. But soon you will get to see one, and that will be the 50th anniversary celebration of its Deep Sea watch, which it will be hosting alongside the watch retailers Tourneau in New York.

To simply put it, The Deep Sea watch is now part of the larger Submariner collection is a wrist worn diving vessel. Yes this watch can go very very deep. The original one went as deep as seven miles underwater! Sounds hard to believe, but it is Rolex we are talking about. At this special event, one will get to see the original Rolex Deep Sea Special watch, and also the pieces from the new collection.

A special guest here will be US Navy Captain Don Walsh who piloted the Bathyscaphe submersible to an astonishing depth of 35,180 feet in water, which apparently is the deepest recorded manned dive in history. The event will be held on October 21st, 2010 from 5-8pm at Tourneau’s Timemachine store located at 57th and Madison Ave. One can RSVP by calling at (212) 758-7300.

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