Ritz-Carlton Lake Las Vegas to Shut Down

Ritz Carlton is seeing some of its worst days, and after shutting down their lakeside resort, it is not time for them to shut down the Spa in Las Vegas. The Ritz-Carlton Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada, is one of the best spas in the desert regions of the U.S. It is expected to shut down on the 2nd of May and leave a huge vacuum behind.

The spa and hotel has 348 luxury rooms and covered an area of 15 acres. The facility came with features such as shops, a casino, condos, private homes, and two other hotels. It is a shame that the hotel has to come to an end and that it has to shut down. If you are anywhere near Nevada or Las Vegas, you could actually visit the hotel before it completely shuts down on the 2nd of May.

The reasons could be many, and while the hotel has been successful so far it could be due to the low number of people who are actually travelling, due to the post recession blues. The recession might be over long time ago, but its ill effects still lurk around every corner of the market, making it a dismal scene for hotels and restaurants. It looks like the Ritz-Carlton is no exception either.


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