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Ritz Carlton and Orly Team Up to Launch Uber-chic Manicure Services

There is no dearth for innovative and trendy nail art and if you spend little extra, you can get yellow diamonds to your nails.  The professional nail technicians of new Ritz manicure, have collaborated with Jeff pink, the founder of Orly, and inventor of French manicure, to offer the needed make over for the clients. French manicure is always known for the most elegant style with a combination of classy and a natural look. The manicure with a gold shimmer is stunning, if you’re attending formal dinner or for a job interview.

The new Ritz manicure is known as Ritz Orly manicure, offers signature nail care which accentuates feminine elegance, which is available at Ritz salon on the seventh floor in Ritz London. This pretty classy place offers clam, luxurious, relaxed comfortable sofas in the treatment room. You could wait in lounge, reading or chatting with guests in chic surrounds of the hotel. The treatment which gives natural look would match your apparel and the therapist helps you to remove stress before polishing.

75-minute treatment involves deep conditioning and moisturizing treatment. The procedure starts with a hand soak which gives satisfaction to your senses, which is followed by exfoliation and massage using Orly products which are rich in essential oils, minerals and vitamins. Further the wrap which revives cuticles and skin. Finally nails are treated with flashes of Ritz gold lacquer nails. Ritz manicure is priced at£75. The Ritz gold lacquer would cost you 11.95 pounds. Your next trips prompt you make some more trips to salon for signature Ritz manicure. Read our previous article Ritz Carlton which is iconic landmark of Canadian city.

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