Private Jet Manufacturer Offers Free Sports Car to Boost Sales

The marketing gimmick of offering a gift with every purchase was initiated by the FMCG industry. You got a face wash if you bought a bottle of body wash. The branded apparel industry adapted it by offering a shirt free every time you purchased a shirt. The real estate segment took it to another level by offering free Ferrari for selling mansions. Now this tried and tested formula is being applied in the aviation industry which is not showing signs of growth despite the economic recovery. is offering a free Lotus sports car with a purchase of one of its Hawker jets

The offer is fairly simple and attractive. On a purchase of a bigger and better model of a jet you get a bigger and better model of the car for free. For cheaper models and variants of jets you would be gifted a cheaper model or variant of the car. The airline industry has recovered rather well as the business travelers were back as the economy came out of the recessionary grip. But the private jet ridership hasn’t bounced back as smartly. As a result the private-jet sales and prices, especially for smaller planes are struggling to even maintain the previous levels.

If you buy a Hawker 200 or one of its bigger models, you get a Lotus Evora as a gift. If you buy one of the less expensive King Air turbo-props, you get a less expensive Lotus Elise. The sales of private jets in the first quarter last year was bad. But despite the low base the figures for the first quarter this year show a decline of 22%. It is no surprise that the industry comes across as desperate in its attempts to revive sales. Private jet charters are cheap today because of a glut of planes and it makes more sense to charter one instead of buying one. The recovery for the industry is going to be very slow.


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