Princess Beatrice Auctions her Unusual Hat for Charity

The hats the women wore to the Royal Wedding were a topic for sustained discussion after the wedding. In fact, the Prime Minister’s wife did not choose to wear any headgear was a news. However, the hat Princess Beatrice wore to the wedding was discussed the most. It actually got a Facebook page of its own which was naturally called Princess Beatrice’s ridiculous Royal Wedding hat. Well, a lot of people feel the hat wasn’t ridiculous. There are big numbers that prove that. The facebook page for the hat has recorded 143,377 likes.

More importantly an anonymous buyer has paid £81,100 (about $130,400) for the famous, flamboyant hat. That’s a big price to pay for a hat by any stretch of imagination and you have to really like something to come up with that kind of money. The 22 year old Princess is the oldest daughter of Prince Andrew and the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II. The Princess was herself pleasantly surprised by the amount of attention the hat attracted. She was wise enough to cash in on the opportunity for the benefit of two highly deserving charities.

Princess Beatrice said that she had great fun with the unusual spiraling hat which resembles a giant pretzel and hopes that the buyer who bid for it successfully also has as much fun with it. The headgear made for the celebrity head was made in tea rose silk was designed by Irish milliner Philip Treacy. The Princess put it up for auction with the intension of passing on the sales proceeds to two charities, the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, and British charity Children in Crisis. You will now agree that it is a great hat.

Via: facebook, cgi.ebay, google

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