Presenting The World’s Most Expensive Mobile Application, SafeCell

The world of mobile communications and technology is evolving at a phenomenal rate and progressing in leaps and bounds as more and more advanced mobile handsets are being introduced in the market. To support these awesome device and to maximize their potential, there exist the ever so useful applications, that range from games to finance, entertainment etc. Most of these applications are available free of cost and some of them that are paid, come with a very minute price tag. However, now, an Australian company, ASIQ Ltd has now announced the launch of an all new mobile application, that is also said to the world’s most expensive mobile app.

The all new SafeCell is a communication application for mobile devices, that enables the users to use highly affordable SMS, MMS, voice messaging and text email from their mobile phones via a Bluetooth access point. This new app is a big relief especially for those users who own a private jet as well as for airlines, who have to pay humongous fee to the telephone companies so as to provide the travelers with in flight calling facility. The fundamental behind SafeCell is a Personal Area Network established via Bluetooth access point, thereby eliminating the need for Wi-Fi or internet link. The application will enable civilian airliners such as the Boeing 737 or Airbus 320 to create a PAN and a Bluetooth link, that will provide a direct connection to an astounding 192 mobile phones.

According to Ron Chapman (CEO, ASIQ Ltd.),

“This a major breakthrough and the reason it’s all possible is we connect via Bluetooth, instead of the mobiles phone primary transmitter,” he explained “In effect SafeCell delivers virtually the same features you receive from a conventional aircraft mobile phone system – but without the £320,000 price tag, roaming charges or additional 85Kg of weight.”

This incredible mobile application SafeCell, though extremely useful, carries a very hefty price tag of $12,417.

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