Presenting A $160,00 Diamond Studded Luxury Golf Putter From Odyssey Golf

One of the foremost names in golfing accessories, especially putters, Odyssey Putters has unveiled an all new putter for the extremely expensive game of golf, that is as pricy as the game itself. This all new one-off 2-Ball putter epitomizes the luxury that is associated with golf, as the putter itself is encrusted with rubies and diamonds carrying a price tag of a staggering $162,252 and will be sold exclusively through the luxury retail store, Harrods.  This luxury putter comes with an 18-carat white gold head, 240 rubies and 378 diamond.

The magnificent launch of this striking 2-Ball putter was attended by none other than the English professional golfer, Nick Dougherty and the creation of this incredible new golf accessory has been termed as a tribute to the 2-Ball putter, that introduced in the year 2001 and since has been one of the most preferred choice of golfers around the world. The plans to design this one of a kind putter were initially drawn during a social game of golf between jeweller Theo Fennell and Odyssey & Callaway’s EMEA marketing director, Nick McInally.

According to Nick McInally,

“This is one of the most striking golf clubs ever created, but it is still a putter that we hope will help the eventual owner hole more putts… if he or she is brave enough to use it. The interest from across the world has been incredible but I can confidently say we are unlikely to go in to mass production with this particular model….  while we have sold more than 4 million 2-Ball putters over the last ten years, this particular version is truly one-of-a-kind.”

Via Today’s Golfer

Nick Dougherty

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