POD Homes and Hotels to House Guests in Swiss Tourist Spots

Robust Outdoor Brands, a Swiss design firm has been working on a POD house since 2003, to achieve a modified, tested and improved final product for a vacation hide away. The POD house ensures your camping experience with good insulation and FSC certified wood. The company has accomplished maximum efficiency in building the modules for your adventurous holiday camping. The idea of PODhouse originated to improve the camping experience in Swiss Alps in winter months.

Now camping is not difficult with PODhotel that is created by Design+Media studio which is situated in Films, Switzerland for winter season. You could get many POD homes for rent. The PODhotel is a low impact housing option created using FSC glamping expertise. The walls and floors are well insulated with doors and glazed windows featuring a comfortable bed equipped with electricity, lighting and heating. The guests have options to choose three bed pod or two bed pod depending on their necessity. The accommodation can be reserved on line to make your camping more easier with PODhotel which is priced at $62 to $90 per person.

The prefabricated modules of PODhouse could be purchased for your back yard garden. The sustainable micro house can be extended by adding extended modules to get more area for living space or work place or for equipments and baggage. Extended terrace facilitates solar roof panel for heating and electricity. Outside kitchen unit can be used for a bit cooking. The unit does not offer any bathroom or plumbing facilities. The PODhouse comes in two models to purchase which can be assembled after delivery and used.  A POD house is priced at $10, 830 without a solar panel.


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