Palm Springs’ Desert Modernism is a treat for Architecture Aficionados

Palm Springs does indeed bring to mind luxurious modern architectural masterpieces and I will let you know that all you  mid-century modern architecture aficionados can bask in all the artistic glory and the California sun at the city’s annual Modernism Week. It is a 10-day festival held in February that consists of architecture tours, films and lectures, art exhibitions, cool parties and tours of the famous mid-century modern homes in the Valley.

Desert Modernism is the name given to the specific style of modern architecture concentrated in the barren yet gorgeous geographic surroundings of the Coachella Valley. Ever since the 1920s, some of the most inspired architects and designers have made this place their atelier. This style can be easily recognized due to its abundant use of glass, clean lines, natural and manufactured resources and big indoor and outdoor spaces. This style’s sophistication lies in its simplicity, which actually was a result of the requisites of living in the harsh desert climate and the innovative use of a variety of materials, designs and technology.

Apart from the festival, you can get a glimpse of Desert Modernism by staying in Palm Springs’ boutique hotels and vacation home, many of whom are built on the lines of this sleek style. You could also take part in all-year long guided architecture tours, go to the Palm Springs Art Museum designed by California renowned architect E. Stewart Williams, or take the world’s largest rotating tramcars via the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to see two great buildings – Tram Valley Station designed by Albert Frey and Tramway Mountain Station situated at an astonishing 8,000 feet designed by E. Stewart Williams.