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Ora-Ito to Unveil 30 Guerlain Idylle in Milan

French designer Ora-Ito is not an unknown name and they exemplify luxury and opulence. This time around, they have unveiled a fragrance that will surely create ripples among those who are into luxury perfumes. 30 Guerlain Idylle fragrance bottles will be unveiled by French designer Ora-Ito and this would be done at the fashion capital of the world, Milan.

The Milan Design Fair at Magna Pars will see these lovely bottles from the 13th of April. The bottles have been designed for perfumers like Steiner, Guerlain, Christofle, Gorenje, Altro-Supergrif, Stepevi, Forge de Laguiole, JCDecaux and Corian. Guerlain’s feminine fragrance Idylle will be featured in one of the bottles and it is coloured in gold.

Ora-lto was famous for designing fake products and creating fake publicity, for which he became really famous. There was an instant demand for these products, and now that he is launching the designs for real (if he were to be believed) I am sure a lot of people and perfumers would be interested in his 30 bottles. He keeps the bottles simple, minimalist and elegant. Isn’t it cool?

Via: Guerlain

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