Omer Arbel Explores Glass Making to Create Glass Sphere Chandeliers

A machine made mass produced glass bulb can never match the natural beauty of a blown, handmade glass sphere. Omer Arbel’s 28th design project, a unique chandelier is a case in point. It is a large assembly of handmade spherical lamps that come together to create a breath taking design that seems to be a product of nature. Its imperfections remind us of the natural beauty we see all around us. The 28 chandelier by Omer Arbel has designs that range from a single sphere to a piece with 37 spheres.

This range of designer chandelier by Omer Arbel is a joy to watch and you can take its beauty in as it is on display in the Noho neighborhood of New York as part of ICFF. You will be able to appreciate the classical beauty of the chandelier once you see the whole process of making or rather creating a natural chandelier. Arbel admits that it is one of his special creations. He doesn’t call it experimental but an exploration of glass making.

It is Arbel’s fast and loose process that forces air into hot glass and removes it. The whole thing gets heated and cooled in the process. A blob of scalding milk glass is applied on the surface to create that distinctive interior space. Machine made lamps seem to be pedestrian in comparison. Once the collection of glass spheres are put together to form a chandelier you can light it up with low voltage halogen or LED lights. If you prefer colorful things there is a model that uses colored glass. All this high skill craftsmanship comes at a price. A single sphere pendant comes at a price of $460. A seven sphere cluster will cost you seven times more at $3,430. The exclusive chandeliers are available for purchase at Matter.

Via: fastcodesign

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