Now a private club for fishing enthusiasts!

There is no dearth of destination clubs and private residential clubs these days. But the theme of these clubs has become quite hackneyed; the same old golf, wine/food, equestrian, and even surfing. But the HomeWaters Club is different. It is a club for fishing enthusiasts! This theme based private club is for those who love fly fishing and trout fishing.

Founded in 2009 in collaboration with Spring Ridge Club of Pennsylvania and Alpine River Club of Colorado, this club seeks to preserve and offer exclusive access to its members, to 35 miles of trout and steelhead waters in Pennsylvania and 40miles in Colorado. Currently there are some 200 members. The club is presently located in the central, north-eastern and Erie region, plus Pennsylvania, Vail, Steamboat Springs and Colorado areas. But they are in plans to expand.

They recently launched the HomeWaters University. In this program, a two day fly-fishing experience is offered, in which 20 fishing guides teach students, be it the young or the old, how to cast. Located at the HomeWaters Club, new River Village in Spruce Creek, Pennsylvania, the HomeWaters University classes will start in June this year.

The accommodations here are top notch. The cost of club membership ranges from full family unlimited time (in terms of fishing days) membership of $89,500 with $8,000 a year in annual dues to $49,500, for a 12 day experience, with $3,000 as annual due.

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