Nike’s Fashion Etiquette Book for Olympic Athletes Launched

Ceft & Company, a creative agency collaborated with Nike recently to launch a hardbound book which is inspirated by the 1950’s etiquette book. The models Hannah Holman and Yuri Pleskun are featured and their color photographs are captured by Max Farrago with the help of creative director Ucef Hanjani. The book offers some style tips and etiquette to the Olympic athletes of the US. The book is just launched exclusively for the athletes attending the 2012 Olympics and the press focusing on proper conduct, etiquette along with detailed fashion advice such as how to avoid t-shirt creep from the team jacket, wearing scarf with stars and stripes which suggest in a subtle way the art of marketing.

The impressive etiquette book illustrates how to wear iconic attires, the way of rolling sleeves of a blazer or tying Nike scarf or on the Nike trainer knotting your laces etc., which distinguishes American athletes from the others on the scene of Olympic village. It also mentions technical descriptions and innovations employed by Nike.

It is not enough for the athletes just displaying their art; they need to look in all respect a champion as well. The Nike apparels serve as iconic brand of high profile winning athletes for whom the ultimate stage is offered in the medal ceremony. The manual instruction covers from uniform, foreign etiquette as well as dealing with journalists. The manual also mentions manners, practicalities and customs of the place. Without commercialization, sponsorship, national federations, and private entrepreneurship, it is not possible to show off their athletic abilities.

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