Nicolas Berggruen: The Billionaire Who Chooses to Live Only in Hotels

Billionaire, Nicolas Berggruen is known for his strategy value investing. He has been pumping lavishly, say more than 100 million dollars into the projects so that he could expand his fortune and facilitate social problems. Though he owns an ethanol plant in Oregon, rice farms in Cambodia, sky scrapers in many parts of the world, and windmill farms in Turkey, he is officially homeless.

He wishes to live in hotels as he has lost interest in materials worth more than 2.3 billion as appears to be a burden for him. His remarkable life does not complete with these details. His personal downsizing is the sign of simplicity though he is climbing up, further up the ladder of money, no looking back. He is the son of a German actress and famous art collector. Berggruen will bequeath his precious art collection to the museum of Berlin.

He always keeps on moving. He started out his business with inherited 250,000 dollar. He spends most of the time in seeking out companies to buy from Berlin to Brisbane and all-around the world. From the past ten years, he has dual citizenship of America and Germany; he does not have fixed home address. He constantly roams about the world on his private jet, lives in five-star hotels. Most of the time, you could see him carrying a tote bag containing his BlackBerry and clothes. He wants to conserve his energy from unnecessary things which takes away all your energy the concept energy expenditure changes person to person. The press has dubbed him as a “homeless billionaire


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