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New Boy Bag Collection by Chanel Encourages Androgyny

Boys will always be boys is one of those clichéd statements that go around time and again in conservative dinner parties where men pinch butts of women, and also use their hands to eat food. Nevertheless, the current trends in fashion is quite androgynous, and you don’t really know if a boy will always look like a girl or a girl would always look like a girl.

In fact, gender bending styles are so common that androgyny is back in full swing. This is only exemplified by the new range of Boy Bags unveiled by Chanel. This range takes inspiration from Coco Chanel, who herself had an androgynous attitude and tried to dress in boyish ways. The range is based on a hunter’s cartridge that Coco Chanel used to wear. In fact, Chanel apparently has used men’s underwear to make women’s dresses, according to Karl Lagerfeld.

These new handbags are quite attractive and come in various gender bending styles that you would go ‘whoops’ when you see them. Of course, these androgynous bags are for women but it shouldn’t hurt anyone if a gender bending boy carries it to school. The bags would come in red, grey, and ivory glazed calfskin. The prices would range between $2,500 and $4,300. You could also watch a cool fashion film for Chanel that we had written about sometime back. Go ahead, and let out your androgyny, and try to be a boy if you are a girl, and try to be a girl if you are a boy.

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