Neville Johnson Showcases State of the Art Furniture

Neville Johnson is committed to provide highest quality, fitted furniture which is handcrafted to maximize the available space. The concept of versatile furniture by Neville Johnson  make them  one of the best consultants to meet your ideas with ideal designs, content, layout, ideal materials to transform your room design, from seating to storage. Your spare room, or unwanted space under stairs could be transformed into a storage how exactly you imagined it.

Neville Johnson designer provide floor to ceiling luxury fitted furniture for your lounge which is a place to relax your leisure time. Bespoke furniture will be created in variety styles with expertise to house sound systems, TV, magazines, DVDs, and books with the integrated ladder which ensure quick access for all the belongings. Neville Johnson will create a personalized library to all your favorite books whether it is small room or large library area. The red painted finish accentuates the tones of the décor with a design statement. There are more than thousand color options and a wide selection of glass finishes, gloss and veneers for individual needs.

Neville Johnson provides a perfect solution for contemporary or classic lounge. They transform your living area forever. The designers from the company provide bespoke furniture, which are stylish storage for any space in any shape. They allow your possessions to display utilizing maximum area rather than stored to gather dust in concealed storage. Areas under the stairs offer unique storage area for innovative libraries. They design angled bookshelves which enhance the utility of the ordinary book shelf even with decorative capabilities and   modularity.

Via: Marketwatch

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