Nendo Unveils the Abstract and Luxurious Scatter Shelf

Scatter shelf is created from the design studio Nendo in Japan. It is a storage shelf in the form of grid. This shelf is composed of black acrylic in five mm, in three layers and somewhat little displaced. The shelf arranged in stakes has very sturdy structure. When the objects are placed on the shelf it creates a sort of visual effect. When the objects are seen from the front, it appears the objects are trapped in the spider web. If you view the objects in an angle the smooth surface of glossy black acrylic creates number of reflections inside shelves and appears to be transparent though the acrylic is opaque.

Shining surface and forms will cause the diffused reflections and they separate and scatter the view behind the shelf which gives the kaleidoscopic effect. The techniques used for the creation allows you to various objects to keep which would make an attractive shelf for rooms or living room. The cool, sleek scattered shelf at home suitable for multiple applications with tasteful display and showcasing grabs the attention. It could be used in offices, library and study room with books, files or vases with tiny plants.

These durable grid shelves conveniently can accommodate ant place providing storage they see through grid pattern providing open shelving which blends to the room decoration. It does not catch dust as it is very smooth surface. It appears to be light weight which enables to shift anywhere which gives modular support. The cost is not known at the present.

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