NBS’s Universal Power Amplifier costs $80,000!

Now you can increase the output of your speakers by leaps and bounds, just order the Universal Power Amplifier by NBS and you will be sorted. This amplifier circuit has been named as ‘Universal’ because it can work with almost any kind of voltage supply.

The three block structure of this amplifier circuit is rather strange, but truly justifiable. As the two tall boxes harbour the audio circuitry and the power supply, so they are kept isolated from each other. The short box at the center, houses the power conditioning circuitry.

Being a Class D amplifier it can handle any frequency response without letting its performance get affected by the changes in the impedance. It makes sure that it delivers 600W to the speakers, which makes it a viable option to be used during concerts. It will not let an open circuit hinder its performance and will have a nominal impedance range between 2-16Ω. Its gain can be maximized or minimized with the help of stepped input-attenuation control.

NBS may have marked its position is the cable industry, but that doesn’t keep it from making innovative electronic components. Each Universal Power Amplifier is priced at $80,000. Did that tag kill the urge to buy?


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