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NAHM Unveils Impressive Fall 2011 Collection Inspired by Poe’s Raven in New York

Edgar Allan Poe is inspirational, his famous poem Raven has inspired two young designers to collaborate and create a Fall 2011 collection which was presented at Milk Studios, New York City on Feb 11. You may not have heard of this new fashion label NAHM but designer duo behind this name, Nary Manivong and Ally Hilfiger, are well known names in the world of fashion and media. Their collection focuses on simple ‘Shirtdress’ and re-interprets, re-invents it many ways just like black Raven of Poe’s poem can be interpreted differently.

Nary Manivong life itself is very inspirational, he grew up homeless on Ohio Streets and went on to become best designer of US. Recently a documentary entitled Dressed opened in New York which explores his amazing personal journey and history. Ally Hilfiger on the other hand was born and reared in fashion and media world. She is daughter of renowned Tommy Hilfiger and a famous MTV star. Name NAHM is derived from their initials.

NAHM’s first fall 2011 collection is extremely stylish and stunning; it focuses only on simple shirtdresses which they describe as feminine dresses inspired by men’s shirts. These are highly feminine chic dresses in different stunning elegant styles inspired by dark void represented by Raven in Poe’s poem. It is unbelievable how a shirtdress can be transformed in so many different ways, collection truly reflects creativity and expertise of the designer duo.

Apparently, Tommy Hilfger is extremely impressed by the collection and his daughter’s new venture in to the fashion world, one hopes NAHM creates a strong niche and identity through its creative ideas and designs.

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