World’s Most Expensive Sneakers from APL

Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) recently introduced the most expensive shoe in the world, their latest sneakers with a retail price of $20k per pair.

APL is a family business founded with a mission to introduce techniques and innovations. Ryan and Adam Goldston are identical twins, age 23, the inventors, and co-founders of Athletic Propulsion Labs. They created products that combine performance and design. Their latest shoes are made of materials that have never been used on any pair of sneakers. So, what the shoe’s material made of that never been used before and make them unbelievably expensive? The material is a Crocodile Skin dipped in 24k Gold, a first in the shoe industry.


The 24k gold crocodile sneakers are limited edition, which means you won’t see a lot of people wearing them. A pair of limited edition sneakers from APL can be a good gift to someone very special as only 20 pairs to be ever produced. So, it is best to order one today to ensure your order is counted. Customers interested in the 24k gold sneakers can order at the company website or at the Level Shoe District in Dubai. The buyers required 100% upfront payment. Once payments have been made they will wait for 12 weeks. And since it is a custom order, buyers can choose to opt in or out their name on the sneakers.

According to the twin brothers and co-founders of APL, “It’s been over a two-year process for us to come up with the concept ‎and ultimately bring to market the crocodile painted with 24K gold. This is an exciting product introduction for us because it shows we can create product that sits at the very top of the market in terms of price and quality. This shoe is the epitome of luxury performance and we’re glad to introduce something the world hasn’t seen before.”

The 24k gold shoe is the epitome of success and luxury performance. It is a product that Adam and Ryan Goldston are glad to introduce to the market as the world has not seen sneakers made with crocodile skin painted in 24k gold.

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