Most Expensive Diamond Beau Sancy Goes on Sale at Sotheby’s

The rarest and most expensive diamond, Beau Sancy with its most supreme historical importance which has witnessed the European history of four hundred years goes on sale on May 15 at Sotheby’s Geneva. The stunning precious stone was possessed by many royal houses such as the House of Orange, Prussia, England, and France. The celebrated diamond weighs about 34.98 carats. The pear shaped gem in rose cut belongs to prince of Prussia, Georg Friedrich who was chief of former dynasty of German empire. It expected price is between $2 million and $4 million.

This is the most expensive diamond at auction ever to come for sale which has its origin in India near Golconda which also produced best known diamonds the Regent, the Hope and Koh-i-Noor.  In 1500, the gem was taken into the possession of Lord of Sancy Nicolas de Harlay in Constantinople, where it got its name as Sancy. In 1604 Henri IV, French king bought this amazing Beau Sancy for 75 000 livres and gifted to his wife. The queen, Marie de Medici wore the magnificent gem during her coronation in her crown in 1610.
The beau Sancy finally reached Friedrich the King of Prussia after changing many hands in the royal families including royal household of England. Now it is in the possession of Georg Freidrich who wishes to sell the jewel. Before auction it will be displayed in many cities of the world including London, Paris, Rome, New York and Hong Kong. Finally auction will take place in Geneva.

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