Monaco Moon Jellies in LED Aquarium: The Latest Seduction Statement

Moon jellies are the latest fashion trend in fish tanks. The soothing movements and mesmerizing forms of their bodies make an art of living work. The exotic jellyfish can be an ornamental piece on your desk. As they have translucent bodies they look absolutely amazing with fading LEDs shining through them, which transform your jellyfish tank into a dazzling jelly show. The color-changing LEDs will heighten the atmosphere. You could light them up as you see them in big public aquarium exhibits and raise them in your own pet jellyfish aquarium. The Monaco is an ultimate minimalist design.

Moon jellies usually drift on currents than swimming. Aquarium tank should be specially designed to keep delicate creatures from becoming helpless gelatinous balls at the bottom of a tank. They need forty gallon capacity to house ten 6 inch moon jellyfish. Monaco cylinder aquarium is quite expensive. The Monaco cylindrical desktop model completes your need to get started. The aquarium itself measures 18″ Diameter x 36″ tall, with 400 lbs. Keep them alive feeding which could be a full fledged business venture.

Moon jellies are easily obtainable on the market. Moon jellyfish are in rising demand by home aquarium owners. You could get more interesting information about mysterious and most exotic creatures here. Jellyfish are easy to maintain as they live in high levels of nitrate nitrite and of ammonia with a range temperature. They constantly feed on plankton. Rarity is always cool. The unique tank will be yours, if you would like to part $2,900. Go ahead, save for your jelly fish.





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