Montblanc’s New Collection Inspired by the Chinese.

Chong Hing Jewelers is going to showcase the exquisite Montblanc Limited Edition pens. The Montblanc pens have always been the beacon of style and grace and the brand has been a possible guardian of that beacon. Setting a standard that inspires people across the globe, this brand is again ready to unleash its majestic collection of pens.

The Chong Hing Jewelers, which is famous for showcasing superior brands like Harry Winston, Patek Philippe and Gucci, will now be showcasing Montblanc’s Limited Beijing Opera Fountain Pens. These pens are inspired by the Beijing Opera in China. The designs carved on the outer body of these pens depict the Chinese Mythology.

Made from solid white gold and a black lacquer barrel, it also has diamonds encrusted on its rings set and the brand’s logo pressed on a white pearl.

As the Chinese consider the digit 8 as their lucky number, there have been 88 pens manufactured by Montblanc. It would be easy to differentiate these pens from the other collections, as they have a red dot on their caps and nibs, which is a symbol for Hou Yi. Hou Yi was a mythological Chinese archer and the presence of that mark on these pens represents bravery and integrity.


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