Mont Blanc Honors Carlo Collodi with Pinocchio inspired set of Pens

Mont Blanc has been synonymous with fine writing instruments since a very long time now. Their design and craftsmanship has transformed it to a level of art. Their limited edition creations have particularly been extraordinary. Since 1992 they have been regularly honoring great historical people in the field of literature through exclusive commemorative limited edition writing instruments. As a part of the series Mont Blanc following the same trend they have recently released the Carlo Collodi pen, which is a tribute to one of the most iconic characters which is recognized the world over, Pinocchio- the wooden puppet.

Carlo Collodi was a prolific writer and has written much that is respected as masterly literary work. But his last work is the most recognized which he completed a little while before his death. Till date it remains one of the most popular literary work amongst children. The pen created to honor the work and its author has extensive handcrafted champagne gold artwork depicting the characters of the story. You can see the good fairy, the loyal cricket, the shady fox, the deceitful cat, and the voracious whale. The barrel and the cap of the pen are made from brown resin. The tip of the cap has been shaped in such a way as to remind you of the unique shape of Pinocchio’s nose.

As we have seen in earlier creations by Mont Blanc, the nib is made from 18k gold. The Carlo Collodi set will include a fountain pen, mechanical pencil, ball point pen and also a roller ball. The ink for the pen has also been especially created in the exact shade of brown, matching the pen’s body. A 18k champagne gold and brown men’s cufflinks have also been created to match the pen. Only 1,000 pieces will be produced. The Writer’s edition Carlo Collodi will help sustain the reputation of Mont Blanc as makers of some of the finest writing instruments.


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